A Perfected Icon

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Stories define us, and our story begins with the shirt. We explore our shirting history, design anatomy and stylized ways on how to best wear this iconic piece. From slim fit Oxford shirts to oversized striped designs, discover men's and women's shirts to buy now and wear forever.

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The Three Inventions

The buttoned collar, locker loop, and box pleat — three iconic inventions by GANT. A button to keep the collar and tie in place, a loop to keep shirts wrinkle-free while hanging in college locker rooms, and a pleat to move more freely.

The Archive Shield

Unearthed in our archives, the Archive Shield graphic brings a touch of retro appeal to our shirts. Designed in the ’80s, this graphic is commonly seen embroidered at the chest.

The Perfect Roll

Famously coined The Perfect Roll by founders Marty and Elliot Gant, the button-down collar was designed to not be flat, but slightly rounded for a curved and signature appearance.


“GANT changed the game with its colorful takes on the button-down shirt in the 1950s. The button-down shirt is still our most cherished icon and always will be.”

The first GANT ads were black and white illustrations published by menswear specialty stores in local newspapers during the 1950s. The first major national publication GANT advertised in was the New Yorker, which also became a long-time advertising partner.

“For women, GANT makes shirts, not blouses.”

Back in the 1950s, this was a radical statement to put in an advertisement. Today, borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetics are everywhere, and our women’s collection offers a wide selection of shirts as well as blouses.